We supply Oldsmar aluminum and all towns and cities nearby, contact us today to discuss your home improvement project and get a free estimate on the aluminum products are interested in using.  We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor able to do your installations if you need our help. Because of its being light weight, recyclable and high strength, aluminum is the second largest metal in use in the world. Aluminum products are fireproof, non-toxic, water resistant, light weight and completely recyclable. It is naturally anodized. Because of these qualities, it is used in windows, door frames, roofing, cladding and skylights. Aluminum designs have now become the ideal choice for homes in Florida.

Daly provides high quality, affordable aluminum products such as:

  1. Carports
  2. Aluminum Awnings
  3. Screen rooms
  4. Hand Tails
  5. Fences
  6. Roof Panels
  7. Patio Covers
  8. Custom Aluminum Bending
  9. Aluminum Windows


Durable Aluminum Products

Aluminum can be utilized in many ways in houses due to its low weight and strength. It has in fact become the only choice for homes due to durability, weatherproof and fireproof properties. Insulated claddings of aluminum keep the homes cool in summers and warm in winters. Siding panels made of aluminum are light in weight and can be installed easily. It protects the exterior wall of the home from damage that can be caused by external forces like snow, strong sunlight and rain.

Aluminum Railings

The decision regarding the selection of aluminum railings for your property should not be taken in haste. A sloppy railing system is dangerous and fails to create a good impression on the guests. Few of the materials might look very attractive initially, but its high cost of maintenance over a long period, can be a deterrent. They may not only reduce the worth of your property, its look might also be spoilt soon, as it would not last long.
You can select commercial, residential and industrial railings that add to the look and pattern of the building without distracting others from it. They are designed to follow the safety codes and project the look that you desire.
These aluminum railings have many advantages over steel or wood railing systems. These will never warp, split or rot due to sun, rain, ice or other climatic elements. Aluminum is much lighter than the other materials, and can be installed easily. The anodized and baked-on enamel options provide maintenance-free and corrosion-free service for many years.

Aluminum Gates & Fences

Aluminum gates and fences contribute right touch to the property to give it a look of being complete. Rugged aluminum construction provides durability and beauty to complement the property for many years.
The line of aluminum products assure maintenance free options for pool fencing, perimeter fencing, and dividers on commercial, residential, institutional, municipal installations and at many more such places.

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Extrusions / Extruded Aluminum Covers

Extrusions can be utilized for commercial parking areas, walkways, entrance doors, break areas or ramp covers for the handicapped. In fact many types of covers are available depending on the particular needs.

Aluminum carports

You need an aluminum carport to provide adequate protection for your car. It is essential to protect your boat or car from the Florida sun, rain and scorching heat. Aluminum carports have a beautiful finish and strength of aluminum for providing a great look, durability and minimum cost of maintenance.
Carports have been engineered for meeting all the standards and can be customized. They are very suitable for patio covers and covered walkways, and add beauty to your house at a reasonable cost. These are available in various color combinations, have clean designs and are maintenance free.


Aluminum RV Carports


High quality aluminum mobile home carports and aluminum roof panels required for camper awnings and RV awnings are available.  Having an RV carport guards against Sun, wind and water damage plus reduces expensive maintenance to the outside of your RV.

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Aluminum Windows


  • They are vinyl insulated, horizontal sliding windows having screens with low-e glass.
  • The windows are energy starr certified.
  • Limited warranty for lifetime.
  • Have removable fiberglass screens for simplifying the cleaning process.
  • Interlocking meeting rails for sealing out elements.
  • Adjustable rollers of brass for providing trouble-free operations.


Aluminum Screen Rooms

There are three styles of systems of aluminum screen rooms with no maintenance. One style is traditional with continuous kick plate, second is slotted style and third is picket style, that would provide more open view, but still be according to the code for buildings. Screen doors will be pre-hung to facilitate easy installation. These are available in ivory, bronze and white.

Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum patio awnings and windows are manufactured using high quality aluminum products. These can be custom made to suit your requirement. Awnings have clean lines and color accents to increase the beauty of your home. Best qualities of awning canopies are now available.

*Aluminum window awnings may be fabricated as per your requirement. These can be easily installed and fit each window.
* These are available in fourteen color combinations that will match the decor of your home.
*These canopies need no maintenance because these are manufactured from aluminum, having baked-on finish of the paint.
*It reduces the summer temperature inside your house and this will result in saving energy.
*They protect your furniture, carpets and the drapes by reducing the effect of the sun’s glare.

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Aluminum Roof Panels

Aluminum roof panels are ideal products for providing protection from rain, sun and provide shade. Contact Daly for a quote today before you buy your roof panels anywhere else!