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Daly provides affordable bathroom remodeling, Palm Harbor and the surrounding cities and towns have relied on for over 50 years. We would be more than happy to share our bathroom remodeling ideas with you for free. We can offer you bathroom remodeling design estimate at no charge that will lead you in the right direction with a blueprint to the highest quality bathroom remodeling ideas at the lowest possible price. We specialize in affordable bathroom remodeling ideas.

Are you fed up with your old bathtub or shower that is grubby and stained? Is it tough to clean, causing you to spend too much time scrubbing it? Is the finish dull? If you are in desperate need of having a beautiful bathtub and shower that are easy to clean you should certainly look at bathroom remodeling, or just replacing your old bathtub or shower.


Here are a couple of bathroom remodel ideas that are available for you.

  1. You can get a bathtub, shower and wall liners that are made of acrylic
  2. You can resurface the ceramic tiles, resurface unites made of fiberglass and you can refinish your bathtub.
  3. You can convert the bathtub into an easy to step in shower, or you could install a walk in bathtub for more convenience, comfort and safety
  4. You can also install showers that are handicap accessible
  5. You can totally remodel the entire bathroom
  6. You can have walk in bathtub inserts that can also convert the bathtub into a shower without having to do any demolition
  7. There are different bathroom accessories that you can get to make the bathroom experience more comfortable and safer
  8. The shower doors can include frames or not and there are curved shower rods


Our bathroom remodels can be found all over Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Hernando counties. To convert and remodel your bathtub, shower or entire bathroom consider Daly Remodeling for the job. We have been able to assist countless homeowners to get the bathrooms of their dreams without having to break the bank. Now, it is easier than ever to be able to remodel your bathroom without having to spend the huge sums of money that are usually required. Many real estate brokers have complained about having to sell homes with old bathrooms because people do not want to buy homes with outdated bathrooms.

The great thing is that you can remodel your bathrooms affordably no matter whether you are doing so for your own personal enjoyment or if you're looking to update the bathroom in order to help him quickly selling your home. We will be able to help you to remodel your new, beautiful and modern bathroom that is easy to clean and that will last you for a lifetime.

Bathroom Remodeling Benefits


Increasing numbers of homeowners like you want to make their bathrooms more convenient, safer, luxurious, modern and comfortable. You will save more money the longer you stay in your home and should you decide to sell your home a bathroom remodel will surely help aid in a quicker sale. Your home is your biggest investment and so it is best for you to do all that you can to make sure that it is as beautiful, comfortable and easy to maintain as you can. One of the best ways in which you can enhance the value of your home is to remodel your bathroom, or simply refinish certain aspects, using acrylic liners and other options. This will make the aspects more beautiful, cleaner and smoother. Undoubtedly this will increase the value of the home.

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  1. You no longer have to worry about mildew and mold.
  2. You will have a brand new, sparkling shower or bathtub.
  3. You will no longer have to spend hours scrubbing your bathroom to make it sparkle.
  4. You will be able to enjoy some comfort and convenience in your bathroom.
  5. The bathroom remodeling can be done quickly with limited stress and inconvenience.
  6. You no longer have to worry about feeling embarrassed about your old bathtub.
  7. You will enjoy bath and shower time again.
  8. It is a worthwhile investment in your home.
  9. You do not have to worry about the quality of the work because of our experienced Daly staff.
  10. For those who are physically challenged, you will be able to enjoy your regained independence through a walk-in bathtub.

Bathroom remodels eliminate mold and bacteria.

Old bathtubs can have as much as 250,000 Bacteria. Or maybe your shower you can see black mold coming through your grout and no matter how much you scrub it will not go away. the reason could be that behind the walls of your shower mold is growing. Old bathtubs are not just bad looking they can also be dangerous to your health. Porcelain tubs which are very porous trap bacteria. Here the bacteria, germs and dirt can not be scrubbed away. This explains why it never looks clean, no matter how hard you scrub it. As a result, the totally non-porous acrylic bathtub and shower liners can be good products for shower and bathtub improvements during your remodel. These are great because it only takes about one day to have them instilled. The original bathtub or shower does not have to be removed at ll. This will save you not only time, but also money. These are also excellent for those people that are environmentally conscious because they reduce your carbon foot print and help to save money with the conventional porcelain and cast iron production of new bathtubs. Talk to one of our Daly Bathroom Remodel experts for more cost-effective bathroom remodel ideas, additionally we can give you a free bathroom design estimate to help you out.

Most Accidents that Occur in the Home Occur in the Bathroom

One of the best things that you can do for your independence, safety and comfort is to remodel your bathroom. This is also something that can be very affordable. Showers and bathtubs can be very dangerous in a couple of ways. It is ideal to have some non-slip mats, low barrier entries for shower bases, safety bars, or walk in bathtubs in order to prevent the chance of you slipping and falling. You should do your utmost to prevent such accidents from happening. You will really enjoy the experience of bathing or showering again. And, these are also very easy to clean.

Bathroom remodeling is a smart and affordable investment.

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways in which you can make an investment into your home. This will also provide a lot of comfort and safety if done the right way. The amount of elderly people is rapidly growing. If you plan to remain in your home during this time then you should start making plans to make it more comfortable, safe and convenient during your older years. You can do this will making it even more beautiful. This is because the acrylic liners will only make it look much more new and more modern than it really is.

At Daly were passionate about bathroom remodeling Palm Harbor homes.  We have performed bathroom remodels for over the past 50 years and all the surrounding cities and towns and over that time we have come up with many affordable bathroom remodeling ideas.  We are happy to share these ideas with you and provide you free bathroom remodel design estimate at no charge.  Let’s talk about your bathroom remodeling ideas come up with the most affordable highest-quality solution for you.

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