For Patio Covers, Palm Harbor Homeowners Choose Daly!

Are you ready to beat the heat and enjoy the summer?  Want a nice shady spot at your home to chill out and relax?  Well you already know what you need don't you?  A patio cover of course.  There are many types of patio covers among the most popular Florida are the final patio covers and the aluminum patio covers. We will share some benefits of each and you can decide which one is best for you.

Patio Covers Palm Harbor

One of the major benefits of vinyl patio covers is the ease of installing them.  When we tell you it is so easy to install a vinyl patio cover that a baby could do it… That might be far-fetched however they are very easy to install.  There are also easy install kits so you do not need professional help but we are here and happy to assist you installing your patio cover if you need us.    One of the great benefits of vinyl patio covers is there whether resistance and inability to warp or lose their color from heat and sun.  Usually vinyl patio covers are a lifelong product.  In addition, they are a good investment for your home because they add value.  Many people are looking for outside protected Sun protected areas here in Florida.  Another benefit to vinyl patio covers is that you can get them in a variety colors and styles, the possibilities are endless.  If you want an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors with some weather protection from the sun and rain vinyl patio covers will do the job.

There are only a few possible disadvantages for vinyl patio covers.  Some people do not like the idea of having plastic in their back yard.  They feel it is an unnatural look for their garden or backyard. Vinyl patio covers do have an expiration date in that they can fade, crack or did damage through heavy sun.  While they are long-lasting, if you are looking for something to last a lifetime vinyl patio covers would not be the right choice.

Aluminum Patio Covers Palm Harbor

Aluminum patio covers have their own set of advantages.  For our green, eco-friendly people aluminum patio covers are made of a natural recycled material.  They are completely maintenance free. You will not have to spend hours each week keeping up with them or cleaning them as they will never rot or rust. High-quality aluminum patio covers will not fade in color either. The reason being is that they are powder coated the same as a car or wheel rim. Aluminum patio covers are durable for a lifetime. Aluminum patio covers are very affordable, but if you are on an extremely tight budget vinyl patio covers would be the more cost effective choice. 

For more information on patio covers and to know the cost of patio covers we can provide you a fast and free estimate.

Enclosed Screened Patio Rooms


Enclosed screen patio rooms are generally referred to as sitting rooms, sun rooms for Florida rooms. These screened in patio rooms can be customized and enable you complete personalization of your space. Such porch like spaces gives you an enjoyable experience in every season, because of its enclosed nature. The enclosed areas can be given the look of an indoor room and can be utilized as such. Contact us by phone or e-mail and we would be happy to talk with you about your ideas for a screened in patio room.


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