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In Palm Harbor, Florida and all the surrounding areas garage screen doors are a breath of fresh air! Reflect if you will on the crisp, clean air we get during our spring, fall, and winter months.  Now imagine yourself taking advantage of the cross breeze from having a garage screen door.  Now the picture is becoming clear and the possibilities of your garage are plainly evident.  Garage screen doors create a whole new oasis in your home. 

From walking around your own neighborhood, chances are you've seen the garage screen doors on your neighbors homes.  We don't think there is an easier upgrade that can transform the everyday average garage into an entertainment or comfortable workshop. Take a moment if you will to imagine what it would be like working on your projects, crafts a car without any pesky bugs.  Or if you are having a gathering at your home outside and it starts to rain, you can bring the group into the garage and have your get together there. 

In addition to garage screen doors adding beauty to your home, they are also built to last and will give you many years of pleasure by joining Florida's subtropical climate.  Our garage screen doors feature removable sliding events, integrated wood grained kick plates and a durable fiberglass screen material.  Metal locks comes standard on our garage screen doors and the stainless steel screws will provide a long-lasting strength and durability. 

Living In Florida, Garage Screen Doors Have Many Advantages.

The major benefit of having a garage screen door is that you instantly keep out the flying insects and bugs so that you can enjoy your garage, whether that is working or relaxing.  Florida mosquitoes and other malicious creatures will be no match for your garage screen door.  Your garage screen door will fit perfectly within the specified size and shape that you require of your garage door area.  It is also possible to request different custom garage door screen sizes to accommodate even the most peculiar sizes and shapes of garage doors.  These garage screen doors fit perfectly for any style home and designed and manufactured right here in the USA. 

These are sturdy, very high quality aluminum frames that can custom fit your garage.  The kick plate that's included is extra strength and cannot be damaged by car tires. There are a variety of options such as:

  1. The screen colors you can choose from include bronze, white and ivory.
  2. Two-track or four-track frames
  3. Having a seal with a threshold on both sides different than being quantities ranging from two-ten in order to fill any size of opening
  4. Different vent configurations such as stacked or staggered and peer amid her condo
  5. Different size kick plates such as 8 inches, 12 inches, or 16 inches.
  6. Pull handles are optional Having an inside or outside mount frame


Do-It-Yourselfer advice: Measuring for your garage door screen

You want to be sure to install the garage screen door system far enough front so it does not affect the overhead garage door hardware.  To measure correctly start from the top of the doorjamb to the concrete slab for your driveway below at each end.  Next you want to measure between the side jambs at the top and bottom of the your garage door opening.   Use a framing square to level and determine whether your side jambs are plumb and the bottom is level.  If you have one side that is longer than the other or if the top and bottom measurements do not equal, we can fabricate the correct size for the track system into smaller dimensions.  This way your frame will form a perfect rectangle if you're door opening does not. 

On these garage screen doors the bottom track will rest directly on the slab for the driveway assuming the surface is level between the jambs.  If not, you will have to shim the track yourself or level it with a cement-based floor leveling compound.   After you secure the frame and install the screens you can install the ramp thresholds on both sides of the bottom track to hide the shimming which will form a smooth transition from your driveway to the garage floor.

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Garage screen door installation can be easy for the well-versed Do-It-Yourselfer. 


However if you do need help with garage screen door installation in Palm Harbor or any of our surrounding areas, Daly is happy to help you with an affordable installation.  If you are a confident Do-It-Yourself type below is some additional advice.


Do It Yourself Garage Screen Door Installation Advice:


You can assemble the predrilled frame with the pop rivets that come along with it. However please note that you will need your own rivet gun for this.  Another piece of advice is that if you don't want to scratch the finish you should work on the lawn so things don't get scuffed up.   You will join the top track and the side jambs with the wraparound flanges facing in the exact same direction. Be sure that your weep holes are in the bottom of the track and faced the same way so that heavy rain will drain outside.

The top flanges of your garage screen door or predrilled for mounting screws but you will still need to drill your own holes in the side tracks.  For this task we recommend using an anti-skate, bullet point drill for the job.  After you have joined and then predrilled for track sections you will need somebody to help you lift the unit into its place. The track itself is not having, however if you try to lift it on your own you could twist and week in the joints… and that would not be good.

Next you will install the track.  You can loosely secure the middle of the Jamb with a single screw to hold it in place and then check it for plumb.  Temporarily leveled the bottom track by placing some shims under the low-end and adjust the bottom track until it is completely perpendicular to the side jamb.  With your frame correctly positioned and predrilled for mounting you only need to mark the holes and drill into the masonry with a Tapcon masonry bit.  Lastly, you don't need to screw the bottom track into the actual pavement. Instead it is recommended you can it inside and outside with ramp thresholds anchored using 2 inch masonry screws. Be sure to fill all the space under the track with cement-based floor leveling compound or stacked small strips of aluminum regularly spaced so you don't have a rattling noise as a car drives over it.

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