Soffit anf Fascia Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor residents have chosen us as their source for Palm Harbor fascia and soffit installation. We also offer all our fascia and soffit products to Do-It-Yourselfers you want to install it yourself. Below is some practical advice for installation of your soffit and fascia. Installation of Fascia and Soffit Installation of fascia and soffit will increase the value of your home by providing substantial protection from elements. It would also help to keep pests, squirrels, wasps, birds, etc. away from your attic. The expense you would incur for installation of fascia and soffit is reasonably cheap for any DIY person.

Before you initiate your fascia and soffit project you should get your list of materials ready. Start by measuring the length of the roof over hangs on the wall horizontally. Now measure the complete wall length, for all the walls. Convert all the measurements into inches and then multiply the total length of walls into the amount of roof over hangs. This shall let you know how much soffit would be needed. Convert the final measurement to feet by multiplying the number to 12. The amount of J-Channel you would need would be the total wall length and you would require fascia also of the same length.

When buying fascia and soffit and fascia we are happy to assist you with all your questions to ensure installation is a success. Our staff is experienced and will also provide useful information and advice, if you need it, at the time of purchasing supplies for fascia and soffit installation. We can give you many choices, in terms of colors and styles, and installation advice. You can also carry with you the complete layout of the exterior of your home, and let us suggest the best fascia and soffit options for your home. We are specialized store for fascia and soffit and offer great help for DIY home remodeling projects.

Palm Harbor Soffit and Facia

Do you have more questions for your soffit and fascia installation? From Palm Harbor to all surrounding towns and counties we are happy to answer all your questions and can further assist you with installation if you need our help. Call or e-mail us today any questions you have about your soffit and fascia and we will be sure to do our best to get you pointed in the right direction!