Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Made Simple and Easy

At Daly we have your do-it-yourself home improvement project covered. We have all the parts and fasteners you will need from self drilling screws, sheet metal screws, lag bolts to hurricane fasteners.  We have aluminum roof panels for mobile homes, porches, summer rooms and more.  We will help ensure your Do-It-Yourself home improvement project will be a success.  Contact Daly’s Do-It-Yourself home improvement specialist today with any questions you have about your new project.

Have you just wound up an excellent home remodeling project on the interiors and are on the lookout to make the exteriors more attractive? You can add vinyl siding to your old home. It is very cost effective and a quick way to give a brand new look to your home. The cost incurred in remodeling your homes siding is quite cheap and it would also add to the appeal and value of the house, whenever you put it up for sale.

If you have spent all your winters in remodeling the interiors of your home, it’s now time to spend time in remodeling the exteriors. You can select from the various vinyl siding available that can give an excellent look to your home exteriors. Vinyl sidings come in various colors and styles, which you can match with your home exteriors. It is recommended to go to a specialty store which deals exclusively in home vinyl sidings. You can get the best selection of styles and colors along with the most skilled professionals who would do an excellent job, as big box stores would generally carry only select colors and styles. Try to choose colors and styles different from your comfort zone; try an experiment with colors to create stylish exteriors, which are a niche apart from your neighbors.

You can use vinyl siding to remodel the siding of your home as it is quick, as mostly new vinyl sidings can be applied on top of the old siding.  However if you wish to remove your existing siding, then you should get a dumpster in the driveway, as the removal of old sidings can be quite messy. Some home remodeling projects may have two layers of sidings which would need to be removed prior to installation of the new vinyl siding.
You may generally not need a permit to remodel the sidings of your home, but it is advisable to check with the local zoning board before commencing work. It’s always better to have the permissions done before to avoid any conflicts half way through the job. The finished vinyl siding product would add appeal to your home exteriors and would be an investment, as it would be instrumental in increasing your home’s value, at the time of sale. This is one installation that is a complete value for money. The installation is quick and does not take too much time. You would be thrilled with the results, and would have your neighbors admiring your home.

Installing a window on aluminum siding; Do-It-Yourself.

When you add windows to your home, you add more value to it. The home gets better light, than before and its exteriors look more fresh and appealing. For an experienced DIY person, it is an easy job to install windows in aluminum siding, as long as you have the required time for it and provided the window span is not in need of any new major construction, like header beams etc. In case the new window is quite large or if the aluminum siding is hung over a concrete block, it is advisable to opt for a professional instead.  Contact a Daly home improvement specialist to get a free window replacement estimate.

Quick Do-It-Yourself Tips for Installing a Window Location

1: Mark the location where you plan to install the new window, on both the interior as well as the exterior with the help of a masking tape. Consult the manufacturer's specifications to determine the rough required framing measurements. Remove the entire siding panels that were covering the location to make place for the new window and place it aside.
2: Use a circular saw to cut the opening. Start with the interior, and make as many passes as required. Repeat the process on the exterior too. Now remove the outcut of the building and framing material carefully and discard it.
3: Build a lumbar frame of four sides, using nails, as per the specifications of the manufacturer. Place the rough frame in the opening to check the level. You may use the shims for leveling and nailing the rough frame secure to the building material.
4: Now lay down the metal window on all the four sides of the window opening, and secure it firmly with nails. Set the window in the rough opening, to check the level and you may use wood shims as and when needed. Nail the rough frame securely.
5: Now you should spray some expanding foam insulation in all the crevices, and then place the fiberglass insulation in the larger gaps that may be there between the rough frame, the opening and the new window.
6: Now cut and fit the siding pieces around your new window, with the help of a circular saw, to keep with the hanging pattern throughout the elevation.

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Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Links

Below is a list of some top home improvement sites that you may find very handy for any DIY project:

  1. DIY Network – This site offers numerous pages with extremely easy instructions along with a very useful video library that come very handy for DIY home improvement projects.
  2. Handyman USA – This site has useful information on everything under the sun. You can also make complete use of their Handyman listing, in case you face difficulties completing the job yourself.
  3. Home Tips – Don Vandervort has offered some excellent tips for DIY Home projects and you may go through the searchable forum too for great tips and advice.
  4. DIY Chatroom – If you are stuck in any DIY project, this is the site to visit. Post a question on their forums and get help from their extensive online community.
  5. Instructables – This is a fun site and is a notch different from regular DIY sites. Get useful information on everything from how to cook food to how to prepare a fancy dress costume.
  6. 5min – This site has brief but extremely useful video presentations in various categories.
  7. DIY Ideas – This site is a dream website for any DIY project with useful information at hand.
  8. Ask the Builder – Get valuable information from Tim Carter on home improvement on this site. Even the comments left by readers are very handy.
  9. This Old House – With 30 years of experience in restoring old houses, this site is very handy.
  10. Bob Vila –Bob, the former host of “This Old House”, has shared some valuable information on home improvement projects with articles, videos and Q & A forum.

We hope you you find the information and links on this page useful, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail for any further questions. We love helping Do-It-Yourselfers and are excited to hear about your project. Contact one of our friendly Daly staff members so we can further discuss.

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