HUrricane Protection Palm Harbor

Daly carries a full line of hurricane protection products for your home. Hurricane resistant high impact windows, accordion shutters, Bahama awnings, rollup shutters, hurricane panels and more. Our high impact-resistant windows and doors will give you full protection against hurricane force winds. While you're away can rest easy your home is protected against hurricanes and intruders, another benefit of high impact resistant windows is they reduce noise and provide UV protection.
Our accordion shutters can be electrical or mechanical and are made of a rust free aluminum. They all come custom manufactured for an exact fit and will provide additional security and energy savings.

Our Bahama awnings provide a decorative would look little to no maintenance, they get great protection against rain and wind while providing shade and privacy. They come with fully adjustable arms to give you exact level of shading you want.
We have different storm panels such as clear, aluminum or acrylic. They are affordably priced and easy to install. They provide added security and protect large openings to your home. They are also very light weight and handling.
Contact a friendly Daly staff member today or more information on how you can affordably protect your home against strong winds, intruders and hurricanes.

Hurricane protection practical advice

In case there is likelihood of your home being hit by a hurricane, your first priority should always be the protection of sliding glass doors and the windows. Taping the windows will not be of much use. When possible you should always remember not to be in any room which has windows that can get easily broken at the time of a hurricane. If the room is not windowless, you should try to recoil behind the overturned table or some heavy sofa, if glass starts to fly in all directions. The best way of providing protection to the window is to make use of impact resistant glass, which has been certified by the state of Florida, sturdy shutters and marine plywood, which has been cut and marked for fitting each glass door and window.


Here are a few things that need to be done before arrival of tropical storm or hurricane: 


Find out if your home is in the zone which might get affected by the storm, and you may have to evacuate.

Remove dead and weak trees or branches from your yard.

Keep your evacuation plan ready. Family members should know how to contact each other.

Keep an emergency bag ready. It should contain essential documents like home insurance policy, prescription of drugs etc.

Keep a survival kit ready. It should have water, non- perishable food, first aid kit etc.

Have a battery powered television or radio in order to stay informed about latest advisories, along with extra batteries.

Stay tuned to possible warnings and forecasts. If you are staying in a home that is not sturdy enough to withstand hurricane winds were directed by law evacuate, you should evacuate early to avoid last minute rush.

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For hurricane protection you should take certain actions for keeping the home safe from the destructive forces of hurricane:

Secure the garage. Roughly 80% of damage by residential hurricane is caused by entry of winds through the garage doors. Generally majority of the garaged doors are manufactured from light materials to save on weight and expenses. These doors thus become vulnerable to winds. You should look for the sticker inside of the garage door, which gives its pressure rating. In case there is no sticker, in all probability the doors will have to be reinforced. Daly has affordable solutions to reinforce your garage. Contact us today to discuss inexpensive ways to add hurricane protection to your home.

Some practical hurricane protection ideas:

  1. Reinforce your windows. Taping of the windows will not be of any use. In case you are residing in a hurricane prone area, it will be better for you to install the impact resistant windows as recommended by Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. Such windows have been designed in a way to withstand the flying debris.
  2. Glue the roof down. The wind might rip off the home roof during a hurricane. Therefore it is a great idea to give your roof a little extra reinforcement. The resistance of the roof to hurricane force winds can be increased with little glue. It has been recommended that you should obtain some premium flooring adhesive from home improvement store, and with the help of caulking gun, place small quantity of glue at the underside of the roof, where roof and support beams meet. You should ensure that only the tested adhesive, having strong rating, is used.
  3. Check your trees. Falling trees and limbs cause damage amounting to millions of dollars in Florida every year and also cause deaths and personal injuries. Start checking for diseases or cracks on trunks and major branches, insect infection, branches hanging over home and portions in contact with the power lines. The growth of mushrooms from the bark is indicative of the decay of the plant or branch. If the tree is weak would be a good idea to get it removed for a hurricane does the job for you.
  4. Secure your belongings. You should bring outdoor furniture in the patio inside when threatened by strong weather. Keep grills, trash cans, potted plants and toys inside for they become flying missiles which can cause damage or injury during high winds. You may see garden gnomes stuck into the palm trees and see some old records sliced to a tree trunk, thanks to a strong storm. Some sail boats have also found on top of the trees after a hurricane. Adequate precautions will be required to be taken before hand so that you are in a position to protect yourself as well as your home from the threats of strong winds of a hurricane. It will also have to be ensured that windows and the doors of the garage are strong enough to face the likely storm.


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At Daly we have focused on hurricane protection for many years and seen the damage firsthand across our neighboring cities and counties: Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach Oldsmar, Holiday, Trimity, East Lake, Safety Harbor, New Port Richey and every where in between. Talk to us before another big storm hits. Hurricane protection is too easy too affordable and easy to ignore. Every five years or so we get a a tropical storm or hurricane that cost local property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insurance doesn't always pick up the whole tab left from wake of a hurricane. Talk to us today you about some affordable hurricane protection ideas to keep your home safe.