Carports Palm Harbor

In Palm Harbor, carports can be found on virtually any street and for good reason.  They are the supreme structure for storing and protecting your vehicles, boats or RVs from hazards of nature, such as the Florida sun and rain. These have gained more popularity than garages because of their increased durability, expandability, easy maintenance, low cost, neatness and good ventilation. Constructed from aluminium, carports are built to stand the test of time and generally last a lifetime. An avid do-it-yourself handyman can assemble these in a few days. However Daly will offer a free estimate if you need help with your carport installation.

Carports can be stand alone or attached to a wall structure or house. You can decide which method works best for you. Besides protecting your vehicles, carports may serve to be beneficial for you in other ways. Stand alone metal carports could be utilized as shelters for organising a picnic in the backyard. They make a nice BBQ area and you could also easily throw in a few picnic tables underneath a double carport. You can use plain netting to provide protection against mosquitoes.  Over the years we have seen carports being used for many other things besides their original purpose: sheltering cars. The size of the carport can be adjusted based on the number of vehicles and size of the vehicles. Bigger carports can accommodate boats and RVs. Here in Florida some folks use carports to shelter their livestock too!
As carports are strongly secured into the ground, they can endure against a windy onslaught of high magnitudes.  We will not tell you that they are hurricane proof, but they are built and constructed to stay put. The tops of our aluminum carports have been designed to survive rain, wind and rust. These carports are UV resistant, waterproof and rot proof. The Florida Sun still causes degradation in the paint of cars, making them lighter and gives the vehicle and headlights a dull look. Though vehicles these days are more water proof compared to earlier times, there is certainly the need to protect your valuable vehicles from degradation. We build customized carports to suit your requirements.

Aluminium carports vs. Canvas
Daly offers high quality aluminum carports. Aluminum carports last much longer when compared to canvas carports, which are made using polyethylene or polyester. These materials cost less in the beginning, but get worn out in due course, and they are likely to be required to be changed, unlike in case of metal carports. Aluminium carports are light weight and durable. Steel carports are also an option however in Florida they are not really necessary due to the fact we have no snow. Being harder, the steel can endure more fatigue and strain, compared to aluminium. These are certified to take the snow load of sixty lbs per squarefeet. They are quite strong and is rust resistant however not so useful here in Florida. Aluminum carports are the best choice and provide the most value for Florida homeowners.

Single Car Aluminum Carports
Aluminum carports can withstand the hazards of nature for a longer period, than canvas ones. Compared to the tent type canopy, these look presentable and permanent, and are likely to last for years. You can conveniently stay put at your favourite parking place, with a single metal carport. This is reasonably big for parking a standard size vehicle. The smallest carport is twelve feet wide and twenty one feet in length, but can be made as per your requirement.

Two Car Carports
These are made of aluminum and are the most popular. The main reason for their popularity is that you can keep your two valued vehicles inside, well protected from sun and bad weather. Two cars can fit alongside, with room to spare, and can accommodate larger vehicles in a carport that is 24 feet wide. These are an affordable option if you have two or more vehicles.

RV Carports
In case your RV is still parked in the open, it is time you thought of investing in a RV carport. Having spent so much of your hard earned savings in purchasing an RV, you would not like to leave it in the open, which would have an adverse effect on it. The paint would fade due to excessive sun exposure. You would certainly not like to see the paint peeling off from your vehicle. An RV is an expensive investment; you should ensure its complete protection with a good quality RV Carport. There are many contractors ready to build a RV carport, customized to your needs.

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Portable Carports
Besides keeping the vehicle covered, these can be used for various other purposes. If there is no garage in your house, the best way of protecting your vehicle from natural hazards is to use a portable carport. These provide your vehicle adequate protection against damage from hail or sun. Portable carports can also be utilised as a storage area during holidays and for unfinished projects and unused furniture. For those who want to work on their own, a portable carport provides independent working space, which is always welcome. They can keep the tools there and work on the project undisturbed.
Portable carports also provide usable space to gardeners, with adequate space for keeping tools, work table and potting area. Sensitive plants can be stored there during winter too. The space can also be used as store yard for equipments like lawn mowers and leaf blowers.
Renting party tents for your get-togethers can be expensive. Portable carports can easily serve as party tents for outdoor functions and parties. These are also suitable for those people who do not want to take their vehicle to the workshop, but wish to work on it themselves, it provides adequate dedicated space. In case you do not own a garage, you may work on the vehicle here, without worrying about natural hazards.

Custom Carports
If you have any particular design for the metal carport you wish to have, the same can be prepared for you. At Daly we can band aluminum to any shape as per your requirement, giving you limitless designs for your carport.  Turn your carport into a work of art!

Car Shelters & Sheds
Some protection can be provided to your car with the help of a car shelter, in places where there is no coverage. Basic roof structure can also provide some sort of protection from falling leaves and debris, which could mar or scratch your car over a period of time. You could either buy a carport kit from us, and assemble the carport yourself, or have it professionally installed by our staff. Basic structures can be assembled quite easily for an experienced handyman.

Do you need help with your carport installation?  We are ready to help you in any way that we can. Let's talk, call us or send us an e-mail through the website so we can discuss your needs and get you pointed in the right direction.  Our primary goals are to help you and save you money.

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